A Little Teaser

As many of you may know, I am going to be an active writer for Tranquility Vacation Rentals blog!  It’s run by an pretty amazing woman named Basia that I am so lucky to be working with. She cracks me up! Not to mention that she’s one of the hardest workers I have ever met.

Check out Kenzie’s Corner! http://www.turkscaicosluxuryvillas.com/blog/kenzies-corner-a-fresh-perspective/

Now, I really want to post more about this, but I am literally in the middle of final exams and my stress level right now is…through the roof. I just took one of my hardest finals this afternoon and have my second hardest tomorrow. Wish me luck. Then it’s back to Baltimore for a few…making snowballs, of course. Then guess where I am going? I bet you can’t…

So, here is a little teaser about what I am up to (other than finals).

More to come!
And Basia…I promise I’m not forgetting about you. Give me a few days!


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