The Revival Starts NOW

I anxiously drummed to the beat of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”  on the bottom of my red plastic chair and made small conversations with the ECU grad next to me until the whole room went black and I could no longer see her anymore. Spotlights and noises boomed all around the arena before I could make out the words…”Spread the love…All over the world.” kenny blog 4I knew right then what was happening, and I was on my feet quicker than the woman next to me could finish her sentence. Images of Kenny Chesney flashed on the three jumbotrons along with clips of Kenny hanging with locals. I could literally feel my heart moving closer and closer to my throat as the clips went on. The poor people next to me must’ve thought there was a trampoline planted beneath my feet because of how high I was jumping. The clip must’ve gone on for about 8 minutes, and at this point my heart IS in fact in my throat, and I am surprised the people next to me didn’t pull out an inhaler or a brown paper bag. Listen carefully, Daddy, these are tips for May. I don’t want tokenny black spoil the whole introduction for the people reading this that are planning to see Kenny this summer; but I eventually a black silhouette of Kenny holding his guitar appeared before my eyes. I am very surprised I didn’t pass out. Although watching the video I have, you may think otherwise. The curtain rose as the lyrics to “Til Its Gone” left Kenny’s mouth. The crowd erupted…and I literally mean erupted. The crowd was electric and almost as excited as me. There was a girl behind me, probably about my age, who claimed to be the biggest Kenny Chesney fan in the world. Obviously not true…but we decided to agree to disagree. We had made plans with the man next to us (who had had a few to drink) that  he was going to be our distraction while we we rush the stage when Kenny came on. Don’t worry, mom and dad, he promised he’d bail me out of jail. kenny blog 5Fast forward a few songs, and my feet already feel like I had just ran a marathon (jesus sandals might not have been my best idea), and my throat is already on fire. The man next to me kept going on beer runs, but all I wanted was a big tall glass of water. And, maybe, a glass of Blue Chair Bay rum and diet coke. But I couldn’t bear look away from the 5’7-cowboy that changed my life who was literally a few feet away from me. Kenny’s energy is incredible. He performed for about 2.5 hours, and I swear he was more enthusiastic when the show ended than when it had started. I know for a fact that I got tired about 3/4 into the show, so it’s almost unfathomable to me how his energy stays that vibrant and joyful for that long. Kenny slowed it down a few times…enough to bring tears to my eyes more than once. He started with an intro about how he was going to take us back to a certain new years night…where he passed out from too much Cruzan ankenny blog 7d diet. Any Kenny fans know what I’m talkin’ about? If you said Old Blue Chair, you’d be right. Immediately I pulled out my phone and called my daddy. Soon after that, I found myself completely lost in Kenny’s voice and presence to the point that I was moved to tears. Absolutely beautiful. But, later in the show, Kenny stabbed me i the heart in the most beautiful way I could imagine with “There Goes My Life.” Again, I lost myself in his presence. I closed my eyes and sang along to the song that I’ve heard for at least 10 years. I looked up at him, as he took a break to swallow his tears. To say it killed me is an understatement. My eyes filled with tears that I didn’t even bother to wipe. I told ya’ll…I’ve seen the man 6 times and I undoubtedly cry EVERY time. Well, as I said before, I don’t want to ruin the whole show for my Kenny fans that are seeing him later this summer. So I’ll keep the rest to your imagination. kenny blog 3 Last night at the ACMs, Kenny won a milestone award and thanked his fans for letting him do what he does. You’re welcome, Kenny.  But, I think that I owe a thank you to Kenny Chesney. For giving me ANOTHER night that I will never forget. For letting me come to a place that I’ve never been before but make me feel at home in your presence. For giving me a night where I can forget about all my worries for a few hours. For taking the time to come out and give thousands of people a reason to dance.  For giving me assurance that music changes lives. For changing mine. For those 2.5 hours, I didn’t have a worry in the world. And when I watch the videos of thkenny blog 2at night, all my worries tend to fade away as well. Kenny… I can’t wait to see you on May 27th in Columbia, Maryland with the most important man in my life, my father. I say that because daddy….I am getting on the stage with Kenny no matter the obstacles, so you better be ready. It’s going to be a night we never forget.


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