Salt Water Therapy

I am writing this ironically right after I just threw back a shot of salt water and swished it around my mouth for 30 seconds…and let me tell ya, that’s not the kind of “salt water therapy” I am talking about.

But, that brings me to my point that I am in desperate need of some REAL salt water therapy. I am talking about the kind that I can pair with a blue strapless bikini, bare feet, and a pina colada out of a STRAW.

If you can’t tell by now, I am a little sick of this whole wisdom teeth thing, and I am suffering from SERIOUS post island depression. What is post island depression, you ask? Well, simply put by theblog pina man himself (Tom Tewksbury), post island depression is whenever I leave Provo. (#TRU #TTM).

Post Island Depression is that empty feeling in my stomach I get when I’m sitting on the roof of the Provo airport sipping on a Heineken, looking at all the sun kissed faces of my fellow plane mates that are about to endure whatever the hell awaits them back in the states. It’s when I come home from a long day at school and lay in bed and look at the picture of Provo I have hanging on my wall and wish to be laying on my blue towel with one foot in the sand.

I have deemed Post Island Depression as a real disease.I may not be able to get a doctors note or a drug prescription to cure it, but I’ll tell you that the only cure is going back. Which is something my family knows all too well.

Lucky for me, though, as I am heading  back to my favorite home away from home in less than two weeks, where I am meeting the rest of my family.

I am also writing this as snow is falling to the ground, so if that doesn’t scream a needIMG_1006 for salt water therapy, I don’t know what does. Throughout this whole surgery and recovery, both my parents just kept reiterating the fact that I should “think warm thoughts” and “imagine palm trees and clear waters”. Imagining these things doesn’t really do me any good, mom & dad, but it does make me realize that what I long for is this island. The love I feel when I step off that plane. The pure, raw happiness I feel when I open my condo door and throw on my bathing suit just to walk down to Seaside and am greeted with “Welcome Home!” or “Oh boy, she’s back!”‘

Jim Morris said it best, really, in his song when he says “Sometimes I wish I never left the island…the piece of mind, my crazy friends, the things we did down there.”

Ya’ll probably also know the quote that says “The cure for anything is salt water: Sweat, tears, or the sea.” And, boy, how true is that. Another way to say…salt water therapy. That’s all we really need.

And I need some, right now.  Like Zac Brown said, water blog“Bikinis and palm trees danced in her head and she was still in the baggage line.”

So as the lack of teeth in my mouth and jaw continue to heal, I will imagine palm trees and clear waters, mom and dad…& I’ll see you soon.


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