One Love

I’m about to get REAL hippy on ya’ll so if you already think I’m crazy…This is a fair warning.

When most people hear the word “Rasta”, they most likely think of Bob Marley, dreadlocks, smoking weed, and the colors red, green, and yellow. While all of that is pretty damn true, it is much more than that.

The other day I texted my dad and asked him if we could become “Born Again Rastafarians”. He said that he thought we already were. This a conversation that other people would probably find to be really strange…but it was totally normal.

So much crap goes on in this world. Everytime I log onto FaceBook I can’t go three seconds without seeing “12 year-old faces life in prison”.  I can’t turn on the news without seeing nasty comments about Ferguson. Let’s be real, our world is broken.

It needs more L O V E. This is something I’ve thought for a good bit now, but after researching Rastafarians, I stand by this completely.

Julian Marley, a son of Bob Marley, once said “There is so much segregation in this world…The struggle of life is because we are all on our own, there is no one else. But if there is love, there will be a way of truth. There will never be a block. If you have people who love you, you will survive”.

I think this can resonate with all of us. It’s no secret that this world is overwhelmed with pain and heartbreak and people committing atrocious things. But, as a Rastafarian, they believe that these things can be overcome by love. Spread love, receive love. If we all take a little extra time in our days to spread some love around, I think this world would be very different. We never know what others are dealing with, and just a  “Hey you look nice today” or little acts of kindness to strangers can go a long a way. If someone is having a terrible day, the simple fact that someone loves them may make all the difference.

Ziggy Marley said in an ziggy bloginterview once that being “Rasta” is “to be of love, to be a good person, and to treat people good.”

What a way to live, am I right? Just think if the whole world DEDICATED their lives to loving others, being a good person, and treating people good. (I know it should be “well”).If every single person in this world took 5 minutes out of our busy lives to meditate on that idea…wow, what could happen blows my mind.

Ziggy Marley also said once that “Everything aways comes down to love. Every religion, every person. Love is the foundation. Love is the real deal.”

How true is that-I think we can all agree that love is the real deal. We’re all, ideally, searching for love. But the truth is, you gotta give love away to get love back. So let’s all keep that in mind, especially with the holidays upon us. You gotta give love away.ziggy blog 2

It doesn’t stop there. Let’s all think back to when Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion and called himself the reincarnation of Bob Marley. He’s crazy, right? I remember twitter blowing up about how stupid he was and that people couldn’t believe that he was doing that. Now, you would think that Ziggy Marley, Bob’s Marley’s oldest son would have the most to say about that, right? Wrong.

He said “I don’t hate or jduge no one. That man have the right to what he say and think. I don’t get into things like that, it’s not worth my time.  Just live your life and make sure you do what you do. Don’t watch what he do. Whatever he do, he do. But you do what you do.”

I love that.  I think we can ALL relate to this. So many times our neighbors do things that maybe we don’t necessarily don’t understand or agree with, and we are so quick to judge them. But listen to what Ziggy says- what other people do with their lives is not WORTH his time. And why would it be? It’s not his life- so he doesn’t care.  Every single person on this earth has the right to say and do whatever the hell they want. Why are we so quick to condemn them for being “stupid”, just because it is not what we would do? We have no reason to watch what other people do! Doing that is waste of our time. We gotta do what we do, and that’s all that matters. Again, if every single person lived like this…oh the possibillties.

What I want ya’ll to get from this post is this…rasta blog

Close your eyes. Think of something you absolutely love with all of your heart. Whether its a place, person, animal, inanimate object. And just meditate on that for a few seconds, minutes, however long you feel necessary. And now think about this: Ziggy Marley said one time that ALL he feels is love. Love all the time.

If you felt the way you felt a few seconds ago ALL THE TIME, would your life look different? My guess is it would. And that is my goal. All I want to feel is LOVE. Towards everything, towards everyone.

While we all don’t have tragic events like we see on the news happen in our lives everyday-we still have things that upset us, that take us our eyes off our paths. And that’s when you need to refocus yourself on LOVE. Make love your religion. Meditate on LOVE. It’s the only thing you need.


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