To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Mackenzie. I’m an 18 year old girl with a passion for this island, a passion for beauty, a passion for helping dolphins. Turks and Caicos has become a place I like to call home over the years. That being said, I just have a few things to point out for those of you who support the Dolphin Cove and this dolphinarium on Provodenciales, Turks and Caicos. I write this to you to inform. To persuade. To convince.

First of all, dolphinariums, to put it shortly, kill dolphins. Many dolphins are slaughtered in the capturing, and the “lucky” survivors get to perform tricks for human entertainment. But, the majority of the dolphins end up developing diseases, behavioral issues, and other illnesses. Dolphins end up dying in the process. They are not bred to be in captivity,

I’ve read hundreds of articles about this dolphinarium, and what you guys stress the most about it is jobs. Jobs jobs jobs. I took a look at the TCI Dolphin Cove Facebook page. And while there are jobs that the belongers qualify for, such as a pirate presenter or a food vendor, there are many many jobs that they don’t qualify for. For example, I don’t know how many belongers have “A minimum of 7 years experience in Managing Dolphin Parks facility operations and management”. These jobs would have to go to outsiders. And like I said, there are jobs that will go to the belongers, but there are more than a handful of jobs that simply cannot.

The articles also stressed that you believe a good amount of belongers are in support of it. I obviously cannot speak for the belongers, but the locals that I have talked to see no reason for this dolphinarium to prevail. Most didn’t even know it was still up for debate, so they’ve turned a blind eye. I know that doesn’t mean that all the locals are against it, that’s just the input I’ve gotten.
If locals do support this, I imagine it is for economic reasons. But the amount of economic revenue that will be brought in will be close to nothing if the tourists do not support it. That’s how this thing is going to make money anyway, right? Without the support of the tourists, the people actually giving the money, the dolphinarium has nothing.

I know you guys aren’t evil. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion obviously. I’m just having a hard time understanding your justification for keeping animals in captivity. Just those words leaving my lips make me shiver.

I would really like to know exactly why the captive animal ban in Turks And Caicos was lifted in the first place. For the locals? For the tourists? For money? Somehow I think it’s the latter. Nothing about this facility screams beneficial to anything other than the fact that it makes money. But like I said, will it really make money? Or will it drive people away from this island? I’ve already talked to people who said if this prevails, they will not come back.

This facility will give an awful reputation to an island that is known to be “beautiful by nature”.

I mean all of this with the greatest respect. Captivity is not beautiful.

Help me help dolphins. Educate yourself, educate the island.

Until you guys can convince me that risking the reputation of this island and making money is worth the killing of innocent wild animals, I have a hard time supporting you.

Best regards,


4 thoughts on “To Whom It May Concern

  1. Grace says:

    My 3 brothers come every year to a company meeting bringing with them their family’s, and often other friends too, they have all said that if this appalling idea goes ahead they will no long bring the family’s with them, their children are equally appalled! and they mean it!

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