Livin’ Simply

And now, for the post you’ve all been waiting for. I’ve been trying to write this for a little bit now, but our wifi was fried, along with everything else in our house. I guess that’s what happens when you leave for two weeks.

I write this as a way to ease my post-island-depression, which I actually deem as a real disease. It’s killer, man. Writing this is actually making me more sad. I heard they say the only thing that cures it is going back. (Hoping my dad is reading this).

rum blogTheres really not much to complain about when you’re  on the beach for two weeks, except that it always seems to go way to fast.  Kenny Chesney said it best- “time flies when you’re sitting in the sun, when you’re having rum”. Yeah, lots of sun, lots of rum.

Not much to complain about, but a lot to be happy about. There was just something about the water this trip. Absolutely spectacular. I couldn’t tell you why, and the picture only almost captures it. It made me wonder if it really was the ocean or just a really big swimming pool that has been triwater blogcking me for 4 years.

Along with the water, the weather was freakin fantastic. Only had one day where rain actually created a problem-but I use the word “problem” loosely. We still made it out to the beach for a walk, after snorkeling all day. The 12-foot nurse shark I saw (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating) only scared me out of the water for a couple minutes. It cleared up that night, just in time for an awesome Tiki party at our friend Ramona’s beautiful villa in Leeward, where someone who will remain unnamed had a little too much fun and shattered a bar stool to the ground. He was alright though.

Oh, the fourth of July on a British island was…different, tojuly blog say the least. Instead of drinking a cheap Natty Boh, I drank a $8 rum punch. Instead of seeing four different firework shows, I saw about a 10 second firework show that at about the time I got my camera out to take a picture they were gone. Instead of hugs of freedom, I got “You damn Americans and your 4th of July”. But, we did have a pretty kickass cookout with burgers, BBQ chicken, potato salad, and vegetables. I know I’m probably making it sound pretty dismal, but it wasn’t. It was actually pretty awesome, and it’s such a Total Tom Move (#TTM) to spend the 4th of July on a British island.

Another Total Tom Move happened later that week. A Trip Advisor party. Yeah, a bunch of people who met on the internet coordinated a party at Seaside Cafe at Ocean Club West. Sounds a lot weirder than it actually was. Everyone was saying thank you to the whole Tewks family, when in reality, it was all my parents. I didn’t do anything, except find out when Chef Francois’ day off was. So I guess I’ll take the gratitude. But in all seriousness, it was a fantastic night. Great food and grta blogeat company. Mario, Dario, and Jarell did a wonderful job serving and hanging out with all of us. Francois, not surprisingly, killed it in the kitchen.I met really great people, and my new good friends Matt and Amy told me that I should be the official Turks and Caicos greeter. Not a bad gig.

While I’m already talking about the Seaside Cafe  and Ocean Club West gang, I have to say how amazing it is to have them right outside my door. Anyone who met me down there, or is friends with my mom on Facebook (thanks for that, mom), knows that they can find me either on the beach on my blue towel, or at the bar at the seaside. It’s not just because I like their food (which I do), but it’s because there are a group of people there who refrancois blogally, really make me feel at home. They’ve grown to be not just a bartender, or a waiter, or a chef, but my friends. Walking into OCWand Seaside Cafe and being greeted with grins, hugs and “welcome home!!!” really warms my heart. Throw in taking one peak at the electric blue water just a few steps away, and I’m sold. I’ve found my new home. Well, I can dream…

Anyway, I was going to title this what I thought was appropriate, “Land With No Mondays”, until I remembered that I love mondays in Turks and Caicos. Caribbean Night at Seaside Cafe-free rum punches, live music from the wonderful Quinton Dean, and whether or not we do it on purpose or not (too many rum punches…don’t end up leaving resort), delicious dinner made by none other than Francois. His red coconut curry grouper can’t be beat. And I’m not just saying that because he’s a good friend of mine.

ss blogBut, after racking my brain for a little, I came up with the title “Livin’ Simply”. It’s pretty obvious that when I’m down there, I live pretty damn simply. The life of moving from my blue towel to the ocean, or to the bar to get a pina colada, or to the…nope, that’s all about I did. But not only that, everything else is simple. Life is simple, relationships are simple, decisions are simple. Do I want to put on SPF 12 or 15? Do I want grouper or mahi mahi? It all just comes with ease. This island has grown to be my home away from home, which is something I didn’t expect to happen four years ago. . .And I can’t help but think that this 13 mile stretch of beach was put into my life for a reason other than to bask it’s in simple beauty. Something about the island just sucks me in, and I can’t look back. I won’t look back. The people, the weather, the water, the atmosphere. It’s just all…simple. And i love it.


So, heres a cheers to my vacation, the people I met, the relationships that began and grew deeper, and living simply.

blog pina

 Until next time, Turks and Caicos.






One thought on “Livin’ Simply

  1. Tracu says:

    I loved reading this and feel the exact same- if they made it easy to live there I’d move in a heart beat. Definitely a home away from home, too many people are discovering it. I can’t wait to go back

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