Firefly: A Rasta Recap

About a week ago I returned back to Baltimore after a 5 day music festival in Dover Delaware called Firefly. It was an awesome experience, especially for me, someone who’s liking for nature goes as far as…well…my backyard, and even that’s pushing it. Theres bugs and dirt and God knows what else in it. But, I made it all five days and nights in a TENT surrounded by the great outdoors. Even survived an incredible thunderstorm our first night. It was quite an adventure, and I’m extremely grateful for the sweet friends that I got to share such a fun firefly blogfirefly blog 2week with.

Other than eating lots of grilled cheese, being covered in dirt, and meeting some fun people, I also saw some awesome bands.  Twenty One Pilots, Foo Fighters, Outkast, A Great Big World, Imagine Dragons, GroupLove, just to name a few. But, until I end up front row for a Kenny Chesney concert, I don’t think any concert or performer will ever top what happened on Sunday at Firefly.

I had been looking forward to this day since I bought my Firefly ticket back in January. The day that I would finally see  Ziggy Marley in concert. It was icing on the cake that Jack Johnson was performing on the same day, too. Fortunately and unfortunately for me, he was performing on the last day of the festival. Meaning I had to wait all weekend to see him, but by then I knew my way around the festival and the campsites that I could venture out on my own. I warned my friends that they probably wouldn’t see me on Sunday, and boy was I right.

I explored the festival a little bit on my own until it was about time to head over to the “Backyard” to see Ziggy. I got tziggy bloghere around 4:20 for his 4:45 show. No one was there. I hung around with probably about 8 other Ziggy fans in my company. I made friends with a really nice guy from Boston (aren’t you proud, mom?!?!) named Dan, and we anxiously waited for Ziggy to take the stage. He opened with a nice little saying about how “Love is the next revolution” before erupting into “Love Is My Religion”, one of my favorite songs. He played songs from his brand new album called “Fly Rasta” as well as old favorites like “Be True To Myself” and “Wild and Free”.

Oh, did I also mention I was front row? He’s even cuter up close.
And amazing live. Ziggy partied about 6 minutes over his time allotted, but whats a Marley concert without “One Love” or “Three Little Birds”? The audience cheered like crazy when the first three chords of “One Love” came on. When he finished, he bolted off the stage and his band stayed on, making everyone think he wasn’t done yet. The entire audience chanted “One More Song” for a good 3 minutes before realizing it wasn’t happening.

After that, Dan from Boston and I made our way to what became my favorite moment of the entire weekend. If being front row for Ziggy Marley wasn’t enough, I even got to meet and hug him. (All thanks to the $10 my best friend Christian gave me so I could buy Ziggy’s album…thanks dude). I waited in line for about 20 minutes until I got to  meet the great son of the even greater Bob Marley. He shook my hand, signed my CD with “Love, Ziggy Marley”, and gave me a hug, where he also said somziggy blog 2ething that I assume is very Jamaican about being his sister.

I’ve been trying to see Ziggy Marley in concert for probably 2 or 3 years now, and I promised myself that the next time he came into driving distance of me I would see him.  I’m incredibly glad I had the opportunity to not only see him front row in concert but also meet him, because man is this guy adorable. I’ve always been a Bob fan, which is appropriate considering my life on the island, but being able to see his son Ziggy is something I’ll always remember. He said once in an interview with Chelsea Handler that being a “Rastafarian” just means that he feels LOVE all the time. And damn Ziggy, is that a great way to live.

And now, time to get ready to see Stephen Marley do his thing with Slightly Stoopid in August.

Overall, I’m so happy that I made the decision to go to Firefly. I may be a princess, but I am now a princess who can say she endured 5 days in the great outdoors camping with 6 boys and only one other girl.

But, it did leave me like this right afterwards. sleeping blog



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