Tourist Essentials

Girls, I know first hand how incredibly hard it is to pack for a vacation, especially if it’s your first time at a destination. My first trip to Provodenciales, I packed a duffel bag until I basically had to sit on it while my father attempted to zip it just to get it to close. 6 different bathing suits (6 tops have to go with 6 bottoms, right?), 4 hats, 10 outfits for 7 days, 10 outfits for 7 nights, and we can’t forget about shoes!!! I have my wear-to-the-beach-flip flops, my casual dinner-flip flops, my hack-around-at-the-bar shoes, and my really nice dinner shoes. Oh, and the clothes I have to wear on the plane. You just never know what you’re going to feel like wearing, right?

Well, I am here to tell you that after 5 trips to Provodenciales, I still overpack. But, fortunately for my parents, I have started to learn the trick to the trade. I call it the “essentials.” Sure, every time I pack for the trip I want to bring 10 outfits for 7 days, but I know from experience that those outfits are NEVER used. So, I’ve decided to narrow it down to the essentials, which I have outlined for you guys.

First, sunglasses. Now, you can bring as many as these as you like, because if you’re anything like me, you have more than one favorite pair. But make sure you pack at least one pair.  I don’t think you can stay on this island more than 5 minutes without a nice pair of sunglasses.

Next, a hat. I was never a hat girl. They covered my long blonde hair from the sun and made my head look weird. But after 5 days in the sun, my fried nose basically begged me to wear a hat. Buy yourself a cute one and your nose will thank you later.

Then we have, of course, a bathing suit. Seems pretty self explanatory. Bring two or three bathing suits, one you can lounge around in, one that makes your butt look awesome, and one you can do crazy things like parasail, snorkel, or banana-boat in.

Next, your favorite cover up. You’re going to be laying by the beach and get hungry. Throw on a lacey cover up and plop yourself down at the bar. Order a drink and some food and look comfy and cute at the same time.

A beach bag is another essential. Grab one that matches your favorite bathing suit and stuff it with sunscreen, a book/kindle, more ice for your drink, and more drink for your cup. Now you don’t have to walk back to your room every so often.

What is a beach trip without your favorite pair of Jesus sandals? They are perfect for sitting at the bar in your lacey cover up or going out to a brand new restaurant. Throw in some flip flops though, for walking to the beach. The ground gets hot.

Finally, we have maybe the most important items, sunscreen and alcohol. Don’t walk outside Turks and Caicos without at least some sort of Banana Boat product slathered on you. It might be annoying, but trust me, you’d rather tan than burn down there. Nothing is worse than a Turks and Caicos sunburn. Throw on some Banana Boat tanning oil and your skin will brown in no time. Then, you obviously need alcohol. Whether it actually be Mikes Hard Lemonade (which is crazy expensive down there, so I wouldn’t recommend that), or a margarita from the bar, get yourself one of them and relax on a beach chair with the white sand and crystal clear water surrounding you.


GIrls guide to turks and caicos

The girls beach guide to a day in the Turks and Caicos

And that’s all you need. Bring a couple cute outfits for dinner outings, but other than that, you’re pretty much good to go. See y’all soon. And boys, you’re next…


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